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who will guard the guardians?

Hoxton RE Asset Risk Assessment is a specialised consulting practice dedicated to ensuring transparency between asset owners and their fiduciaries.

Hoxton RE Asset Risk Assessment 

Conflict of interest in endemic in the traditional banking business model

“Private bankers working with JPMorgan’s richest customers are encouraged to steer client assets into certain funds and instruments that generate rich fees for the bank, according to several former employees…Go to the morning pump-up sessions. Hit the revenue targets. Move product or move along.” 



Lighthouse by the Ocean

How we can help…

Hoxton RE Asset Risk Assessment acts an independent and objective gatekeeper, ensuring that your fiduciaries are fulfilling their duty of care over your assets. We are essentially the guardians of the guards.


We aim to provide a holistic view of your total asset portfolio by consolidating all of your bank and custodian position, enabling an additional supervisory layer of risk and investment analysis.


Our services include…

·Assisting to establishing a robust governance framework

·Understanding goals

·Calibrating risk capacity and composure

·Documenting appropriate Investment Policy Statements

·Advising on governance and oversight

·Establishing Strategic Asset Allocation methodology

·Identifying suitable investment managers

·Arranging implementation and execution (where required)

·Providing ongoing monitoring, counsel and guidance

·Data aggregation

Risk and investment oversight

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